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Service Status Updates:

Monday, 18-Jul-22 09:23:25 UTC – Investigating
Webmail Connection Failures

We’re receiving reports of issues whilst connecting to webmail. Our System Administrators are currently investigating and updates will be provided as we have more information available.

Monday, 18-Jul-22 10:41:40 UTC
Webmail Connection Failures – Resolved

Our system administrators have isolated the cause for the webmail connection issues and deployed a fix. All webmail login should be working as normal. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.


  • Our online payment processing will not accept payments if your using the old Windows XP operating system. Please call or use BACS
  • Due to recent browser updates, we have changed our default webmail and control panel login addresses – please see the new links. Unless you have changed it, the login to your control panel will be the default email address we use to send invoices and notices.

Account Upgrades All Complete

  • We have now completed all upgrades and if your domain name is with Teckna, you will have a free SSL / Padlock certificate if your website is capable.
  • All Email accounts have been upgraded: 5gb for standard hosting and 10gb for advanced hosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum term contract?2020-11-26T15:17:30+00:00

Yes, the minimum term contract for website hosting and email services is 12 months unless otherwise stated.

How can I pay an invoice?2020-11-26T15:26:12+00:00

We accept the following payment methods for payment of invoices (including yearly hosting fees, domain renewals and other one-off invoices):

Please note that hosting accounts payable monthly can only be paid Direct Debit (we use provider GoCardless), please contact the Accounts department for details.

Credit or Debit Card

Pay online:

Or call 0844 804 2904 (office hours).

Bank Transfer

Bank: Lloyds TSB
Account: Teckna Ltd
Sort Code: 30-94-17
Account No: 00337276

IBAN: GB51 LOYD 3094 1700 3372 76

Please quote customer reference or order reference on all payments.

Can I pay an invoice online?2020-11-26T15:25:05+00:00

If you have received an invoice for a Teckna service, such as email or website hosting setup or renewal, domain registration or renewal, you can make a payment via a credit or debit card online.

Please Click Here To Pay Online:

Control Panel

What Can I do in the Control Panel?2020-11-26T15:24:40+00:00

As Administrator you can:

  • Change the password for any mailbox
  • Set up email forwarding for any mailbox
  • Set up auto-responders for any mailbox
  • Manage the spam filter and spam filter settings for any mailbox
  • Manage the Domain Administrator password and contact details. Tip:Ensure you keep the domain administrator email address updated with an external email address – if you forget your domain administrator password you can ask for a reminder which will be sent to this email address.
  • Manage the settings for any mailbox
  • Create new mailbox and/or email alias
  • Manage DNS for the domain
  • Manage databases for the domain
  • Manage FTP password and hosting settings
  • Manage website files for the domain
  • Set up web forwarding
  • Administer databases
  • Install software
  • Any many more items
How do I log into my Control Panel2020-11-26T15:24:46+00:00

How you access your control panel depends on what hosting package your running.

For standard hosting packages:

The web address for your Control Panel is

You log in with the email account used to administer your account (where we send the bills or what you used to sign up)

For VPS and Dedicated Servers:

The web address for your Control Panel is unique to your domain name, and is made up as follows:

http://control.your-domain:8443 i.e.:

You log in with your domain name (i.e.: and the password supplied in your welcome email.

Domain Name

What is a Domain Name Registrant?2020-11-26T15:25:38+00:00

Anyone, not just businesses, can become the legal registrant of a domain name, although some domain extensions have their own registrant criteria.

A registrant is the individual or organisation (e.g. limited company, partnership, sole trader etc) that registers a specific domain name.

This person or organisation is the ‘legal entity’ bound by any terms and conditions associated with the domain name registration.

What is a Domain Name and why do I need one?2020-11-26T15:25:43+00:00

What is a Domain Name?

Computers connected to the Internet have unique numerical addresses so that electronic information is delivered to the right place. The domain name system (DNS) translates the numerical addresses of computers into more user-friendly names. The resulting domain names are easier to remember and help people to find information on the Internet.

Some examples of domain names:

Domain names are used to identify and locate web pages and websites. For example, in the web site address “” the domain name is ‘’.

Domain names are also used in e-mail addresses, for example,, that enable people to send and receive electronic messages.

Why do I need a Domain Name?

You need a domain name in order to host a website or use a personalised email address, however you do not need to host a website or use personalised email in order to register a domain name. You can start with just registering the domain name on it’s own, and then add services like website hosting and/or email at a later date.

Advantages of registering your own domain name:

  • Domain names build credibility on the Web
  • Domain names are portable
  • Domain names produce a feeling of professionalism
  • Domain names are memorable
What do the domain extensions mean? ( or .com etc)2020-11-26T15:25:34+00:00

Domain extensions, or suffixes, are categories of Internet domain names, and serve to describe the type of company, organisation, country or other category.

The technical term used for domain extensions is top-level-domain (or TLD). There are many categories from which to choose, and some extensions are more popular than others.

Be aware that for the majority of domain extensions, some exceptions apply, the category the domain claims to represent is not enforced. A domain name with the extension may be representing a uk based business, but you cannot rely on this as anybody is allowed to register a domain name.

Please find below a list of the most common domain name extensions used, a description of the category they are meant to represent, and whether any restrictions apply.

Extension: .com
Description: .com stands for “commercial,” and is the most widely used extension in the world. .com domains are registered in the USA and are therefore normally associated with US companies. However, similar to UK domains, there is no restriction on who or where the owner of the domain can be.
Restriction on registry: None.

Extension: / .uk
Description: implies a “commercial uk company” and is the most widely used extension in the UK.
Restriction on registry: None.

Description: Non-commercial UK organisation.
Restriction on registry: None.

Description: Personal name.
Restriction on registry: None.

Extension: &
Description: As the name suggests, UKk limited company and UK public limited company respectively.
Restriction on registry: Company registration number required as part of the registration process. The domain name must match exactly that registered at Companies House.

Extension: .net
Description: .net stands for “network,” and is most commonly used by Internet service providers, Web-hosting companies or other businesses that are directly involved in the infrastructure of the Internet.
Restriction on registry: None.

Extension: .org
Description: .org stands for “organization,” and is primarily used by non-profits groups or trade associations.
Restriction on registry: None.

Extension: .biz
Description: .biz is used for small business Web sites.
Restriction on registry: None.

Extension: .info
Description: .info is for credible resource Web sites and signifies a “resource” web site. It’s the most popular extension beyond .com, .net and .org.
Restriction on registry: None.

Extension: .us
Description: .us is for American Web sites. It has the largest amount of available names in inventory.
Restriction on registry: Some apply.

Extension: .eu
Description: Company or organisation with an EU presence.
Restriction on registry: None.

How do I transfer a Domain Name to Teckna?2020-11-26T15:25:23+00:00

If you have control panel details with your current registrar, we can do all these steps for you.

.uk Domains

You need to contact your current registrar and ask them to change the IPS tag of the domain to TECKNAONLINE. Some providers will do this through a control panel, but others will need a fax, email or letter to carry out the change. If you are having trouble contacting your existing registrar, or if they are unwilling to co-operate, please contact us for assistance.

.com, .org & .net Domains

Domain names in this category follow a different process of transfer to .uk domains. As it involves a multistep process we advise you to contact Teckna support team for advice and assistance. Before the transfer process can begin the domain needs to be ‘unlocked’ by the current registrar and you need an transfer “authorisation” code.

If you have a control panel access to your domain name you may be able to do this yourself, otherwise you need to ask your current registrar to ‘unlock’ the domain and supply the AUTH code.

Next please ask Teckna support to initiate the domain transfer. If you are having trouble contacting your existing registrar, or if they are unwilling to co-operate, please contact Teckna for assistance.

Any other Domain

Please contact Teckna support team for advice.

As the last step in the process, contact Teckna to add your Domain Name to a new or existing account.

How do I transfer a Domain Name away from Teckna?2020-11-26T15:25:29+00:00

Domain transfers are free of charge, providing the domain name is still active and not expired.

However, we do want to make sure that the request is authorised by the legal registrant of the domain.

Please make the request via the email address registered to your account.

We will then send a confirmation email to confirm the transfer is authorised. failing this you can send us, on business headed stationery, a letter of authorisation stating which domain name should be transferred and full details of where the domain should be transferred to.

For .uk domains this should contain the IPS tag of the new registrar, for all other domains it should contain the email address that will be requesting the domain transfer from Teckna. The authorisation can be sent to us via post.

We will not unduly delay any request to transfer a domain away from Teckna, however in some cases we may ask for additional information before actioning the transfer.

Please note that domain names cannot be transferred until a minimum of 60 days after initial registration.

Where a domain name has already expired, charges may occur in order to activate and transfer the domain away.

How do I renew my domain name?2020-11-26T15:25:17+00:00

We will email you using the contact details you have supplied to us approximately 2 months prior your domain expiry date inviting you to renew your domain registration.

Once this invoice is paid, we will renew the domain name.

If you want to renew early or extend the registration period (normally up to 10 years is allowed), please contact support.

How do I register a Domain Name?2020-11-26T15:25:11+00:00

A domain name is made up of, from right to left:

  • the top-level domain. This is the ‘’ or ‘.com’ part, also called a TLD or domain extension. These are pre-defined and have special meanings
  • the second-level domain. This is the part that you get to choose, providing it is not already taken. It can between 3 and 63 characters in length, can contain letters a-z, numbers 0-9 and hyphens ‘-‘. You would normally choose something meaningful or relevant to you such as the name of your business, family name or project.

You can search for domain names free of charge using the search below, and if the name you search for is free you can register and pay for it online.

How can I tell if my Domain Name has been registered?2020-11-26T15:25:48+00:00

The domain search and registration tool available on our website is a powerful domain name mechanism that lets anyone view a register database entry.

Enter your domain name and the domain name search will respond with information about your domain name.

Choosing a good Domain Name2020-11-26T15:25:57+00:00


  • Do select a domain extension that is representative of the locality in which you operate. If you are a UK based business operating in the UK, a .uk domain extension will be more informative to your customers than using a .com extension.
  • Do check the spelling of your domain, as we will register any domain exactly as we receive it on your domain order.
  • Do make the domain name as representative of your business or product name as you can. If your business name is already in use by someone else with the same or similar name as yours, try to add the town or area where you operate if you run a local business.
  • Protect your domain name by registering both the and .com domain extensions. Many customers will forget whether your website ends in the .com or the extension, so why not make sure it can be found on both! (Two or more domain names can be in effect for and point to the same Teckna website).


  • Try not to use hyphens in your domain name if you can avoid it, people tend to forget them when typing in an email address or website address. Sometimes you have no choice!
  • Avoid overly long or complicated domain names, or names that are commonly misspelt.
Can I reserve a Domain Name?2020-11-26T15:26:06+00:00

No. Domain Names are allocated on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.

If you wish to check whether a specific domain name is available to register you can use Teckna’s free online search facility.

Email Accounts


What is Website Hosting?2020-11-26T15:24:27+00:00

Website hosting (sometimes referred to as ‘web space’) is a service which allows you to upload your own files and website to a server in our data centre.
Once uploaded, your website can be seen by anyone who is connected to the Internet.

Any customer can attach hosting to a domain name already registered with us or with another registration agent.

What is a Fully Managed Service?2020-11-26T15:23:21+00:00

We at Teckna believe that providing a business or individual with email, domain and web services should be about more than delivering a solid and reliable technology platform.

Time is valuable to most of us, and therefore we offer as part of our service to manage your account for you (if you want us to) by carrying out your instructions via telephone or email. Our team of helpful technical support and customer services staff, based in our offices in Hertfordshire, UK, will quickly and efficiently carry out administrative tasks on your account. For example, here are just a few examples:

  • set up/change email addresses
  • configure email forwarding and email sharing to suit your business needs
  • assist in uploading a new version of your website
  • manage the setup and transfer of any existing domain names, email accounts and websites

In addition to this, we are always happy to discuss your requirements and offer sensible and practical solutions to help running your business as smoothly as possible.

How do I manage my account?2020-11-26T15:23:28+00:00

It is important to keep your contact details, especially your contact email address, up to date to ensure that we can contact in case of any problems and to send renewal notices etc to.

You can ask us to send you a Customer Service Summary at any time, which will show all current details for your account, including the start and expiry date for all your email and hosting services as well as all your domain names.

Please also ensure that you keep your email address up to date. This way you can ask for an automatic reminder for your login details to the control panel.

Website Hosting

What is FTP and how do I use it?2020-11-26T15:22:39+00:00

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is used to transfer your files from your local computer to your website hosting space. To use FTP you will need a piece of software called an FTP Client. Many are free to download, eg Filezilla, Smart FTP and BulletProof FTP.

To use FTP you will need the following that can be found in your Control Panel

  • A web hosting package with FTP access
  • The FTP host name
  • Your FTP username
  • Your FTP password
How do I view site visitor stats for my website?2020-11-26T15:22:44+00:00
  1. Log in to your Control Panel.
  2. Go to the “Logs & Stats” section and select one of the webstats programs. Our preference is “AWStats Statistics”


If you want Google Analytics added to your website but are unsure, we can complete it for you for a one off £49.95+vat

How can I upload my Website pages?2020-11-26T15:23:06+00:00

FTP via an FTP client

An FTP client is little program that you download and run on your desktop PC, you use it to copy files from one computer to another using the File Transfer Protocol. Use an FTP client such as SmartFTP, Filezilla or BulletProof FTP. Some FTP clients are available for free download.

For security reasons FTP access is automatically locked after 28 days and can be unlocked via the control panel.  You can unlock the FTP service by time or by IP address.

Please note that your website files will be located in the /public_html/ folder.

Via the Control Panel

Log into the Control Panel, and click on the File Manager icon. Once there, select the /public_html/ folder, this gives you options to upload files from your local computer.

How can I create a website?2020-11-26T15:23:12+00:00

This answer will give you a quick overview of the main options available for creating your website.


Without doubt, the simplest, cheapest and quickest option for creating your own website will be to use WordPress. It is available FREE with any Teckna Website Hosting package.

Website Builder

We have our own website builder that can be found in your control panel.

Custom Design by Web Designer

If you would like your own custom designed website, you can enlist Teckna as your web designer. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  All our websites are built in a CMS content management system so you can update it afterwards.

Build your own

There are many website builder packages on the market available for you to create your own website. Please note that this in most cases will require some technical skills.

Can I Upgrade My Web Hosting Account?2020-11-26T15:23:16+00:00

Yes, of course.

Please contact Teckna and we can arrange extra space or maybe a VPS or dedicated server.


What is WordPress?2020-11-26T15:22:30+00:00

WordPress is online web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.

Once loaded onto into your web space (by Teckna or via your control panel), you can log into the system and add pages and content in a similar way to using programs like MS-Word. You can choose from 1,000s of free designs that you can search on from with the WordPress control panel or we can design you a bespoke theme.

When you sign up to our web hosting service we will install WordPress by defult. WordPress will all be set up and ready to go. You will get login details in your welcome email.

It is known as a content management system or CMS. This means you can maintain your website without any specialist knowledge. See below for a more extensive explanation of a CMS.

A content management system (CMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming or HTML to create and manage website content with relative ease. A robust CMS provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation.

What is a WordPress theme?2020-11-26T15:19:47+00:00

A Theme can also be known as a “skin” or in its simplest form, the overall design of your website. i.e the colours, the menu design etc

In your WordPress dashboard you can search and download over 1,000 different themes for free or you can ask us to design your own bespoke theme based on your brand / ideas. See our web design pages for more information.

If you want to see some of the free themes, look at WordPress Themes

To install a new theme could not be simpler. It is all done inside the WordPress control panel. Search on the theme and then click to install. That’s all! no download files or anything technical. You can also install multiple themes and switch between them at any stage and your content is not affected or lost.

What is a WordPress Plugin?2020-11-26T15:19:43+00:00

A plug-in is a small program, or combination of programs, that sits on top of your WordPress installation and increases the functionality of your website in some way. (Translation: Plug-ins allow your website to have more features and to do more than it could when you first installed it.)

Plugins integrate seamlessly with WordPress so there is no messing with any programming code. That is another great thing about plug-ins. They do not actually affect your original WordPress install. They reside separately and interact with WordPress.

Examples of Plugins are to add a contact form, or create fancy a fancy gallery for you photos. There are over 14,000 plugins available, you can see examples of WordPress Plugins via WordPress Plugins

To install a plugin could not be simpler. It is all done inside the WordPress control panel. Search on the plugin and then click to install. That’s all! No download files or anything technical.

What designs are available?2020-11-26T15:19:39+00:00

There are 1000’s of free WordPress themes available as well as ones that can be purchased from sites like Themeforest

To look at the free templates , log into your WordPress control panel, go to “Appearance” and then “Add a theme”.

How many pages can I have?2020-11-26T15:22:14+00:00

In theory you could have unlimited number of pages.

In practice most of the design themes will have a natural limit as to how many pages and subpages you can fit in your website.

How do I start a Teckna WordPress 30 day FREE Trial?2020-11-26T15:22:35+00:00

If you would like to try WordPress free for 30 days, let us know dropping us an email to with
“Teckna WordPress FREE Trial” in the subject and a few details about what you want to try.

How do I log into my WordPress Dashboard?2020-11-26T15:22:20+00:00

You will need to know your WordPress login details, these were provide in your “Welcome” email.    i.e

Can I change the content and design?2020-11-26T15:22:25+00:00

Yes, you can change the content and design of your WordPress website as often as you like.

If you change to a new WordPress theme, all your content automatically reformats for that design.

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